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goodbye and hello

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missing those late summer nights spending time with my friends swimming, laughing, eating, drinking and enjoying every last minute together before heading in different directions. wishing them the very best wherever they might be in this very moment.



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the last day before the journey home was spent playing youngsters in Disneyland. I got to see the big castle and everything, and yes I did have popcorn for dinner.



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appreciating every morning when the sunlight has bathed our windowsill and I’ve found myself eating pain au chocolates for breakfast (/lunch/dinner/supper). I have not been starving while staying here, but I do admit that I miss eating food not categorized as junk food and sweets. (is such a statement even legal???????)



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started off with two pain au chocolates and a mocha before heading towards Louvre museum. the people were extremely noisy. some quite impolite. the art was neither.



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it’s mandatory to visit the Palace of Versailles while staying in Paris, but though we spent approxiamtely 4 hours trying to get there (because several metro stations were closed), it was all worth it when we finally found ourselves behind the golden gate and went strolling the garden.



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I was actually a bit worried about our skills when it came to the Paris Métro but it turns out we’re mastering it just as good as Harry Potter did when he was learning how to use a broomstick. so yesterday, we rummaged the streets, looking for nice cafés and shops, just having a splendid time.



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been walking around like a zombie because of the lack of sleep but as my current location is Paris I shouldn’t really complain about anything.


the to-watch film list


blogging is all about sharing, and good films (really good films) should indeed be shared (and watched). this is the kind of stories and acting that go far beyond average level, and though I watch more than 100 different titles each year, these will forever be favourites.

a beautiful mind – outstanding acting performed by the whole cast. charming yet very touching.

forrest gump – it gives a new perspective of how we view our life, and leaves us with a good-feeling never to depart.

gladiator – derserves a spot because it’s simply a masterpiece.

good will hunting – believable and vulnerable film about life and love.

inception – all of the layers make this an original dream.

inside man – the most well-planned bank robbery in history.

million dollar baby – incredible story and cast. flawless and emotionally powerful.

pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl – the geniousness of this film should not have been expanded into several films. however, it is still genious.

seven – terrific and a bit terrifying at the same time.

tangled – in case you’ve never watched a disney film, this is a MUST have. beautiful animation and plot.

the aviator – a sense of history and tragedy.

the butterfly effect – very intriguing, yet sad, story put together flawlessly.

the lord of the rings: the return of the king – the last in the lord of the rings triology but it’s actually the best of the best.

the shawshank redemption – the kind of story that encapsulates you and changes you forever. it displays the most basic of humans emotions, but its focus on humans’ desire for abstract concepts is admirable.


paris recap

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my trip to Paris is already booked and because the date of departure is closing in I’m doing another recap. it’s been more than two years but eventually the wait will be worth it.


school’s out

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maybe a bit late for this post but now when things are coming to an end I’ve really started appreciating the time we shared together.


I am thankful for…



London photo diary

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black and white fandom

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early mornings listening to music while the fog dissolves all visible sight make me loving black and white even more.


STOCKHOLM mini guide

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our neighbour country’s capital is mesmerising but though it’s not the cheapest place to visit, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful. it’s something about it that makes me want to revisit again, and again, and again and again.



be sure to bring enthusiastic and friendly people. this wasn’t really a problem in my case.



I can’t really recall the names of all of the restaurants we visited but Bellman located in Sergelgatan, close to Segels torg, is certainly worth remembering. they serve this taco dish for 89SEK and it tastes wonderful, especially after a long day of shopping. another place I won’t forget is none other than Ben & Jerry’s located in the heart of Gamla stan. the natural reason is because we became regular guests and made daily visits. several visits a day actually.


Gamla stan (the Old Town)

this definitely being the highlight because of the narrow cobbled streets and alleyways which easily could’ve been the set of medieval times. small restaurants and shops (included 7eleven) can be found everywhere, and the service and atmosphere are no other than exceptional. Michelangelo serves Italian and their calizone tastes mmmmm. breathe, feel and love the place. you won’t regret.

however, the only thing I do regret is that I did not visit this adress: Acne Studios Head Office Lilla Nygatan 23. do not make the same mistake! this video will show you why. I think I cried when I realized what had just slipped through my fingers.

Grøna lund (amusement park)

not really my type of fun, but my sister and bestfriend did find this place very amusing. I suspect them for loving 80 meters drops more than me just a slight. the admission price is 110SEK, but you will have to pay for tickets in addition. I can’t recall the exact price of these though, but it is possible (as far as I’m concerned) to buy a ride pass for a while day for approximately 310SEK. just to draw a camparison, according to my sister, this place is waaaay better than Tusenfryd.

Hop on hop off

pay 260SEK and you’ll be touring through the streets on the top of a standard red (or green) bus. perfect for sunny days but could be rather cold when the temperature drops. I believe there’s hop on hop off tickets for boats as well, but I couldn’t even stand the thought of it without becoming seasick.



Weekday, American Apparel and Levi’s (just to mention a few favourites) can be located close to Sergelstorg. Sergelsgatan is also nearby, and both Topshop and Monki are worth mentioning. Gallerian is this huge mall where you can find another Topshop store (Topman included), T-shirt store, Mango, River island and yet another Monki. ps! they sell ice cream and sweets everywhere in case you’re in for a treat. close to Norrmalmstorg you can spot Acne studios immediately but you can also find Zara closeby. However, Biblioteksgatan, close to Stureplan, turned out to be my favourite street. the obvious reason is because of COS, & other stories and Urban Outfitters. the Urban Outfitters store is worth visiting even if you’re broke because the interior and overall look must be absorbed firsthand. if you’re looking for more luxurious clothing and shoes, Birger Jarlsgatan is closeby and seems to be the home of too expensive hand bags and shoes.

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Stockholm Palace

located in Gamla stan and way more stunning than the Royal Palace in Oslo. usually I prefer pillars because it gives the construction stability, but maybe it’s the charming windows and the fact that it’s build of bricks that overthrow all doubt. yet I have not entered the Palace, but you can do so for approximately 150SEK. next time I’ll definitely peek inside and not just through the windows. (yes there will be a next time.)


The royal guard

I think we coincidentally walked right into the Changing of Guard ceremony, and I think we all agreed it was a rather gratifying experience! be sure to check the time of the starting of the march. you may not be as lucky as we were.



the cheapest way to get from the Arlanda, the airport, to the centrum, is by taxi, at least if it’s four of you. we payed approximately 500SEK for the taxi ride and saved 40SEK compared to public transportation. it is not much, but the taxi will drive to the doorstep of your hotel wheras public transportation require a lot of’s of course ok if you don’t mind the exercise though.

we lived quite central, close to Gamla stan, and therefore didn’t mind using the praised underground for transportation. our feet worked just as good. our ability to read maps and navigate was therefore tested, and though we felt very lost once, we did get to the hotel safe every night.