lunch x pancakes

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yesterday, we made THE best lunch ever. pancakes. smoothies. bacon. all at once.



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wanderlusting..listening to music..totally procrastinating my homework..




she helped me pass chemistry last year. now we’re regulary baking browniecookies AND skiing.


the holidays

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totally forgot to share these but I hope they somehow reflect how much I enjoyed the holidays because I truly did.



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these were taken on my trip to China last I miss travelling..well, Dubrovnik is already booked and it’ll hopefully be more.


ski trip one


it seems like skiing with two of my favourite people on this planet equals an excellent trip so this is definitely 1 of 859081555830 ski trips to come.


RHODES mini guide

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the solution of a typical tourist place including warmth, sunlight and delicious food but exclusive the massive tourism. I don’t really enjoy those crowds of tourists so I was relieved when it turned out there weren’t any.

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I’m usually into pasta and pizza whenever I’m travelling and the word ‘boring’ describes my intake of food pretty well but I couldn’t resist trying the traditional dish called gyros. it only cosists of pita bread stuffed with onion, pork, chips++ and it’s actually a lot more tasteful than it sounds. I don’t think anyone makes it like the greeks.

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The beach

I don’t think anyone needs to be convinced about how delightful it is to see blue as far as the eye can see really is. I jumped into the ocean more than once and the fact that I swallowed too much salt water didn’t scare me at usually does but this time it didn’t be sure to find yourselves a hotel near the ocean, it’s the only lifesaver when the temperature hits more than 40degrees..

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Rhodes Old Town

the place must be the definition of beautiful. there’s a medieval wall enclosing the Old town, and a walk throughout the place is mandatory. it has those old narrow, peppled streets with small charming shops and hidden restaurants serving local food everywhere. unique pieces made of leather tempted me to go all in, but I somehow managed to resist (when I thought about the amount of money I’d already spent on clothes, bags and shoes in London earlier that very same summer), but I’m not sure if I would be able to say no twice.

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The valley of butterflies

the valley is unique, and it can not be compared to anything I have experienced before. thousands of butterflies were fluttering past me in a hurry, but if you timed your shot right, it was possible to get a close-up. we were folling this path through their propical home, and the place itself was so peaceful and undisturbed by human intervention it felt like a real time travel. I would recommed everyone to wear proper shoes for hiking – I  had of course chosen a pair of sandals and I almost faceplanted because of the slippery peppled stones forming the path – and also remember to bring with you a bottle of water because it’s going to be sweaty and very hot. camera wise, I’ll sugest you to bring with you a telezoom (if you’re lucky enough to own one) to get the best shots of the butterflies. they are incredibly fast and they do like to keep their distance, so to avoid my 5omm wasn’t really a problem for them at all.

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The white city

the highlight! we were guided to the white city – Lindos – but even though it was not as impressive as Minas Tirith, it did have an impression of royality because of the ruins of the acropolis reigning over the rest of the city. it was such a splendid view up there, and again, I would recommend you to wear more appropriate shoes than I did – because I wore sandals, again – and this time I actually did fell when I carefully tried to climb down the way from the city. it was not one of my proudest moments in my life.

PS! be aware of thieves. they broke into our appartment while we were sleeping, and helped themselves with bags (among other my very precious Spell bag), money, phone and pretty much everything they could find of value. I was so glad to find my camera in the exact same spot I left it the earlier day. it would be a catastrophe if it was stolen because it’s really the love of my life.


our entire life



night visions


I’m really really really looking forward to hear the follow-up because this was a really, really great album.


RHODES photo diary

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I would actually not mind going back there but I would probably pick another time of the year than august as I spent 2-3 hours every day inside, in an air-conditioned room. haha! I just simply can’t stand the heat.


humans of planet Earth


while preparing the tea at the exact right temperature for us, she said

“first, you’ll drink the emperor’s tea which should be drunk in three sips.”




my best friend just passed her exam and I’m so proud of her.


LONDON mini guide

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I don’t know if it’s because of the British accent, delicious food, stunning architecture, charming brick lanes or enormous shopping malls, but I just love London. the people are extremely friendly, communication is (unlike in Paris) not a problem at all and the overall atmosphere and impression of the city make me feel very, very welcome indeed.


Buckingham Palace

the palace is such a royal view! even though I’ve only seen the outside, I’d love to take a tour inside as well. be sure to see when the changing of the Guard take place because I only got a glimpse of it from the roof of the sightseeing bus and it was such a pity I didn’t see everything. please, don’t make the same mistake as me.

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it was our we-are-finally-eighteen-let’s-travel-together-trip and it was truly a memorable trip. recommended if you’ve never travelled with anyone but your parents before.



I must admit I have not yet tasted the famous “fish and chips” breakfast, but I have discovered the best pizza in the world. Garfunkel’s is a nice resturant located in Oxford street (near the Oxford Circus tube station) where they serve a pizza called American Hot. it costs approximately 9 British pounds so if you’re into spicy food: do yourself a favour and taste it. there’s seriously nothing that can be compared.


London by night

I swear you’re not going to regret experiencing the city by night. it’s such a gorgeous view! I had my eyes set on London Eye, Bigben and Tower Bridge, and I’m really greatful that my friends came along to see the enlightened city with me because the view should indeed be shared with the people you love. we even got a handful of really good shoots, and when looking back, these are actually the ones I like and appreciate the most. it may be a little cold so be sure to bring a jacket just in case because it would be such a shame if you were so unfortunate to miss the view because of the temperature.


London Eye

the wheel can be found close to Bigben and Westminster Abbey by the river Thames, and the 30 minutes long tour offers a spectacular view of London. be sure to take the trip on a sunny day (when there’s no fog), and you’ll be able to see as far as the eye can see. if you have time to take the trip when the night falls, DO IT! I had already made other plans when I figured out you could experience the same view by night (on fridays), and it was such a downer because the city looks even more beautiful by night. if I remember correctly, I payed 19,00 British pounds for my ticket to the top.


Madame Tussauds

I visited the Madame Tussaud back in 2011, and I must say I admire the craftsmanship. it was A LOT of people though..sometimes I had to push my way through the crowd in order to actually see something. I guess the enourmos crowd kind of ruined the experience for me becaseut I didn’t found this attraction as exciting as the others, but I bet I would’ve felt differently if I visited the place at another time of the year. we had of coursed picked the date when the holidays had just started…

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the original plan was to visit Camden market but we somehow ended up at the Apple market in Covent garden instead. I would recommend everyone to visit whatever market they do find because they’re all so charming, and there’s people everywhere selling handmade and unique pieces and things. I don’t think we have anything like that in Norway.



“The Lion King” musical bought back the memories of my childhood, and I couldn’t help but sing along. it was a fantastic show, and the costumes were really wow. so take the tube to Covent Garden and let yourself be amazed by the talented children’s and adult’s performances! I payed 39 British pounds for the entertaining musical, but the price may vary depending on which day you want to see the show. I don’t think it was the cheapest ticket, but definitely not the most expensive either.

the “WE WILL ROCK YOU” musical, based on songs by the band Queens, was simply incredible! the dancers/actors/singers/entertainers did an amazing job, and I was stunned by their performance! you don’t neccassarily need to be a fan of Queen’s music (I don’t and I don’t blame you) because the show itself is just THAT good. unfortunately, I can’t remember the price of the ticket, but the place itself is easy to find as it is located somewhere in the middle of Oxford Street. the big logo is pretty hard to miss!

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I guess Oxford street is a shopaholic’s paradise. there’s all kind of stores selling clothes, shoes, make-up and whatever you’re looking for so I couldn’t really have asked for anything more. my favourite shops were Urban Outfitters(!!!), Forever21, River Island, Topshop and Primark, but there’s of course hundreds of other stores to fall in love with. I don’t think it matters how much money you’ve saved up because you’ll end up broke at the end of the day anyway. next time I want to get lost at one of London’s vintage markests, and of course explore other hidden shops. when it comes to shopping, London’s definitely the right place.


Sightseeing bus tour

when you sit on top of the roof and look around, there’s nothing but 360degrees of beauty surrounding you. the bus stops by the most popular tourist attractions, and the smart jump on/off ticket make it easy to visit several attractions during one day. I payed 29 British punds for my bus ticket, but I think the price may vary a little depending on the bus company. I know a lot of people do this trip but though you’re surrounded by tourists I truly understand why people enjoy it.

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The making of Harry Potter

THE highlight of the trip and definitely the ultimate dream destination for every Harry Potter fan. I got to see the Great Hall, Hermione’s Yule Ball dress, Diagon Alley, Dolores Umbridge’s rules, Dobby and so much more. the model of the Hogwarts castle is incredible and it’s probably the closest you’ll ever be to the castle. there was aslo an enormous gift shop where you could buy a wand, Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans, the Marauders map and several other props. I will try not to reveal everything for you because you should indeed go and experience the magic for yourself! “Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The making of Harry Potter” is located an hour outside of London, and the cheapest way to get there is probably to take the train to Watford Junction train station, and then take the Harry Potter bus (stationed right outside the train station) to the studio. The bus ticket costed me 2pounds (cash), and the studio tour itself was 29 British pounds. I can not wish you anything but a macigally trip! this will not be a disappointment.


Westminster Abbey

the extremely gorgeous church. I’m not religious or anything but I’m simply drawn to tall buildings and detailed architecture. I haven’t had the chance to go on the inside yet though the outside is more than stunning. next time I’ll hopefully be staring up at the high ceiling and think about how amazing the piece of art really is (because yes there will be a next time).