frida xiang

Stockholm photo diary

Old castle in Stockholm
Girl holding a disposible camera
Two cups of coffee
Castle in the blue sky
Food on a plate
Friends holding arms in Gamla Stan
Old brick houses
A big chandelier
People playing instruments
Old cobbeled streets
Chocolate balls
Dining hall in a boat
Girl drinking from a straw
Old streets of Gamla Stan in Stockholm
Girls hugging
Royal castle of Sweden
Nachos on a plate
Doors of the royal castle
Airplane view of Sweden
Girl walking in Gamla Stan in Sweden
Decorated tram
Old houses in Stockholm
Girl in front of the doors to the royal castle

rummaging Stockholm for five days last month to find good food and have a good time with my best friends. I was not disappointed though the weather is not worth mentioning. a disposable version will be up in not too long.


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